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I know it's possible to extend the EpiServer GUI and I have som questions.

I want to add a link in the top left corner of the page: "Sidor", "Webbplatser", "Aktiviter", "My new link". What is this area called?

I have a page with links to a couple of .aspx files. Can I open them in the area where you edit your pages and do your previews? with just simple postback calls, or do I need to do in some other new way like Dojo or JQuery?




Jul 08, 2013 10:00

I would suggest looking at this blog from Linus about how to add a component to the left hand panel. http://world.episerver.com/Blogs/Linus-Ekstrom/Dates/2012/10/Creating-a-Dojo-based-component/

If you want your component to appear next to Pages, Sites, and Tasks then make the PlugInArea "/episerver/cms/mainnavigation/defaultgroup"

Then if you have some ASPX pages that you want to show in edit mode, then you can check out my blog post and look at the section about creating a view http://world.episerver.com/Blogs/Ben-McKernan/Dates/2012/12/Taking-control-of-the-EPiServer-7-user-interface/

Jul 08, 2013 16:42

Cool. Managed to plug in the dynamic property control you build. Greeat plugin!

Is this the way we need to go to be able to handle dynamic properties in the future? not sure why EpiServer removed it from the GUI since it's a function many of us is using.

Jul 09, 2013 14:55

Dynamic properties is actually available but it isn't super easy to find. If you are using EPiServer 7 (i.e not EPiServer 7.1 or newer) then you need to switch to forms mode then under the tools drop down button there is the dynamic properties option. If you have EPiServer 7.1 or newer then you can get to it from on page edit by scrolling up then going to tools like before.

Glad to here that the plugin worked though!

Jul 09, 2013 15:01

Ah that "secret scrolling up" function they built. Discovered it yesterday but now I actuallt see the dynamic property function. Nice! But I like your one click function more!

Think I got it from here. Next I will try to implement my own page using "/episerver/cms/mainnavigation/defaultgroup".

Thanks for your help Ben!

Jul 09, 2013 15:19

Ben, one more thing about the aspx page I just loaded on the edit page. I have old pages with postback calls that doesn't work correct. Do I need to rebuild this code into ajax calls or similar?

Jul 10, 2013 9:58

The problem with postbacks can also be found in this Thread:


Unfortunately there is no reply to that yet.

Jul 10, 2013 10:07


Loaded my aspx file into the edit area, the same way Ben did with the dynamic property page. Then I had no problem with postback.

Another problem thar happend to me when I published my code to our test server was that my GUI extension scripts didn't load at all. I compared the files locally and on the test server and all the files are there: module.config and all my script files. It works fine locally.

One thing I know differ is the version of some .dll files located in modulesbin catalog: EpiServer.Cms.Shell.UI,EPiServer.Shell, EPiServer.Packaging, EPiServer.Packaging.UI. They are version 1.0 and on my local machine it's 2.0. Not sure if it matters?

Edited, Jul 12, 2013 9:42

The important part with the binaries in your modulesbin folder is their version numbers have to match the versions in the Modules and ModulesRepository folders in your VPP directory.

I would suggest that you update your test server either by the web interface or deploying and modulesbin in your web root plus modules and modulesrepository to your VPP

Jul 12, 2013 9:46

There is a version change of dojo between those two versions. With that update the namespace for the cms package changed due to build requirements in dojo. Not sure if you are referencing anything in the cms package but if you are then that would cause it to break. Basically the package namespace for cms changes from epi/cms to epi-cms

See here http://world.episerver.com/Blogs/Ben-McKernan/Dates/2013/4/Changes-to-the-moduleconfig-for-EPiServer-71/

Jul 12, 2013 9:49

Thanks, they do match, but it's an older version. I will do the update. Thanks for your quick answer!

Jul 12, 2013 9:49
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