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Episerver Scheduler error: (401) Unauthorized. Windows authentication enabled and Anonymous autentication disabled


I have tried every thing on this one. plz help:)

using Episerver 6.1.379.502. Have a site using Windows authentication only. Episerver scheduler cant be trusted. Its runs jobs, but very random.

For testing purpuse there is only one active job in episerver admin mode, Publish Delayed Page Version.

If i enable Anonymous autentication and user group Anonymous is gived read access on all pages it works great jobs. Even in windows event log i can read "The site http://.... with status code ok with desc ok. And after monitoring it for a while it looks like the jobs runs. I have pages with delayed publish to verify that it works. But then all the users will be anonymous so i cant use this.

Is it poosible to make the scheduler run as a spesific user?. It looks looks like the always scheduler runs in anonymous context.

If i disable anonymous authentication and remove episerver usergroup anonymous in episerver security. The problems start
After a while i get a lot of messages in windows event log: Failed to start site http://....../, error "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."
The jobs runs, but with a lot of gaps when you check the history tab on each job in admin mode.


If i debug the scheduler it looks like this

[2012-06-19 05:33:06UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] New scheduled job 19.06.2012 04:55:00 (981f7686-ffb1-46ad-acbe-1eecdf9061f1)
[2012-06-19 05:33:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Execute job 981f7686-ffb1-46ad-acbe-1eecdf9061f1
[2012-06-19 05:33:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Connection failed when executing Attempting to deserialize an empty stream.
[2012-06-19 05:33:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Failed calling site (Attempting to deserialize an empty stream.)
[2012-06-19 05:33:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Cleaning connections
[2012-06-19 05:34:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Failed calling site (Attempting to deserialize an empty stream.)
[2012-06-19 05:34:20UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Site changed status to Online
[2012-06-19 05:34:21UTC] #ERR# Failed to start site http://..../, error "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."
[2012-06-19 05:35:16UTC] #INF# 10s warning - due time is 19. juni 2012 04:55:00
[2012-06-19 05:35:16UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] New scheduled job 19.06.2012 04:55:00 (981f7686-ffb1-46ad-acbe-1eecdf9061f1)
[2012-06-19 05:35:26UTC] #INF# [_LM_W3SVC_2_ROOT] Execute job 981f7686-ffb1-46ad-acbe-1eecdf9061f1

Tips are appreciated

Jul 18, 2012 18:48

The solution was to uninstall episerver before installing. Old dll's in GAC.

Aug 15, 2012 9:08
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