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Language problem while migrating from 4.61 to RC4

I'm having a bit of trouble to import the data (exported from a 4.61 site) into RC4. It's a multilanguaged site that is available in SV, FI, NO, EN and DK. Trying to import the data into RC4 causes the following error to occur: "Exception: Det finns ett fel i XML-dokumentet (5466, 1271).[Kulturnamnet DK stöds inte. Parameternamn: name" ..and looking through the default language codes in RC4, Denmark (dansk) is set to DA with no option to change, which I guess is to be more standardized. But is there a way around it to still get the DK data over from the old site?
Sep 03, 2007 18:45
Hi Fredrik! We do not support migrating data from EPiServer 4 to EPiServer CMS at this time. Even though the problem you are talking about is due to us using the wrong language code for danish in EPiServer 4 (which can be changed manually by editing the database and language files by changing 'dk' to 'da' in EPiServer 4) you will eventually end up with problems due to the fact that user identities are stored as integers in EPiServer 4 and strings in EPiServer CMS. As far as I know the solution for this requires an new version of EPiServer 4 to be able to export a EPiServer CMS compatible export package. As for now, we have no dates for when this will be ready as we are focusing 100% on getting the final release of EPiServer CMS out but we will surely look on this as soon as we have gotten the release out. Regards Linus Ekström EPiServer Development Team
Sep 04, 2007 9:52
For anyone else having this problem: Managed to do an import by doing an extra import/export to another 4.61 installation (since I didn't wanted to manipulate the database in production from where the data originally came from). After import in the temporary 4.61 site the following had to be changed in the database: 1) tblLanguage, cloned 'DK' to a new post but changed LanguageID to 'DA' 2) tblLanguageBranch, changed LanguageID from 'DA' to 'DK' 3) tblPage, updated the posts with LanguageID='DK' to 'DA' 4) tblPageLanguage, updated the posts with LanguageID='DK' to 'DA' 5) tblPageLanguageSettings, we had fallback set and had to update them by changing 'DK' to 'DA' in the LanguageBranchFallback field. Exported all pages/pagetypes/properties/etc again and the imported into RC4. /Fredrik
Sep 05, 2007 10:53
Hi again! Some more information about import/export support between EPiServer 4 and EPiServer CMS: I have investigated this some more and it seems that we have already added additional support for exporting data in EPiServer 4.61 hotfix 3 or 4. When testing exporting from EPiServer 4.61 hotfix 5 to EPiServer CMS RC4 I found a couple of issues in the RC4 that we have fixed. It might be that you do not stumble upon these problems in the RC4 but the found issues have been fixed to the final release of EPiServer CMS. We will see if we can fix the da/dk problem in a upcomming 4.62 release that we have started to work on. In short: We will support exporting a file from 4.61 (with the latest hotfixes) which is imported to a EPiServer CMS release. A condition for this is that all languages that are exported have a valid locale. We know that we have an invalid locale for Danish in EPiServer 4.61 (which will be addressed) but if you have added you own language branches these have to match a valid locale to be able to export this content to EPiServer CMS.
Sep 05, 2007 13:44
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