Exception when editing links in TinyMCE editor


Installed a clean EPi Relate+ 2.0 R2-site with SQL-database.
When trying to edit an existing link in the TinyMCE-editor i get the following exception:

[InvalidOperationException: This operation is not supported for a relative URI.]
   System.Uri.get_LocalPath() +6916152
   EPiServer.Templates.RelatePlus.InitializationModules.CmsIntegrationModule.UrlRewriteProvider_ConvertingToInternal(Object sender, UrlRewriteEventArgs e) +34
   EPiServer.Web.UrlRewriteProvider.OnConvertingToInternal(UrlRewriteEventArgs e) +26
   EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider.TryConvertToInternal(UrlBuilder url, LanguageApiMode apiMode, CultureInfo& preferredCulture, Object& internalObject) +173
   EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider.ConvertToInternal(UrlBuilder url, Object& internalObject) +31
   EPiServer.Web.UrlRewriteProvider.ConvertToInternal(UrlBuilder url) +24
   EPiServer.UI.Editor.Tools.Dialogs.HyperlinkProperties.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +440
   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +66
   System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +2428

When installing a clean CMS 6 R2-site, this does not occur.
Tried it both on IIS8 with SQL2012 and on IIS7 with SQL 2008.

A link in the editor might look like this:


The url in the popup looks like this:

Any hints on solving this would be highly appreciated!

Aug 21, 2015 8:03

If anyone stumbles onto the same issue...
Epi Support told us to replace the following method (in Templates\RelatePlus\InitializationModules\CmsIntegrationModule.cs):

private void UrlRewriteProvider_ConvertingToInternal(object sender, EPiServer.Web.UrlRewriteEventArgs e)
        if (e.Url.Uri.IsAbsoluteUri && e.Url.Uri.LocalPath.EndsWith(".aspx", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) && e.Url.QueryCollection.Get("id") != null)
            e.Cancel = true;

..didn't work for us so we created a custom FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider.

public class IntraCustomRewriteProvider : EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider
        public override bool ConvertToInternal(UrlBuilder url, out object internalObject)
                return base.ConvertToInternal(url, out internalObject);
            catch (Exception)
                internalObject = null;
                return false;

Needed to be configured in episerver.config as the default-provider.

<urlRewrite defaultProvider="IntraCustomRewriteProvider">
        type="NVV.Intranet.modules.IntraCustomRewriteProvider, NVV.Intranet"
        description="IntraCustomRewriteProvider" />
      <add name="EPiServerFriendlyUrlRewriteProvider" type="EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider,EPiServer" />
      <add description="EPiServer identity URL rewriter" name="EPiServerIdentityUrlRewriteProvider" type="EPiServer.Web.IdentityUrlRewriteProvider,EPiServer" />
      <add description="EPiServer bypass URL rewriter" name="EPiServerNullUrlRewriteProvider" type="EPiServer.Web.NullUrlRewriteProvider,EPiServer" />

Something is probably wrong in our application.
For some reason it tries to convert an alredy relative URL to... a relative URL causing an exception further down the line.
However catching the exception here solves it. And it's probably not the correct way of fixing this but after a week of trying in other manners - doesn't matter!

Edited, Aug 27, 2015 15:45
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