Optimizely - update 375

Release summary

New features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector and Optimizely Campaign.

Released items August 10, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  MSDynamics CRM: Update authentication method.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector updated its authentication to use OAuth, and so the configuration settings screen of was also updated.

EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.MSDynamics 5.0.0;
Aug 10, 2021

Marketing_32.svgOptimizely Campaign

Campaign 9.7

  • CSA: List-help header in transactional mails
    Non-list-based mailings, such as transactional mails and confirmation emails, can optionally include list-help headers as "mailto:" or HTTPS links in the email header. This is an alternative to the list-unsubscribe header and provides the recipient with information on why the email was sent and how to unsubscribe.
    See also: CSA guidelines in the Optimizely User Guide
  • Blocked Internet Explorer
    Optimizely Campaign no longer supports Internet Explorer. The web browser is blocked and a user information is shown. The following browsers are still supported: Firefox, Chrome, Edge.

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    Last updated: Aug 10, 2021