Optimizely - update 400

Release summary

New features for Optimizely Content Cloud (Telemetry). Bug fixes for Optimizely Content Cloud and Google Analytics for Optimizely.

Released items April 26, 2022

Area ID Type Description Released
  CMS11 - IdentityMappingService performance issues

Improved content provider performance on IdentityMappingService.

EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.20.14;
Apr 26, 2022

Cloud_32.svg Telemetry

  • Added support for Gainsight in CMS.UI. When you upgrade the EPiServer.Telemetry.UI package and enable telemetry, Gainsight PX is used to track usage data.

Addons_32.svg Google Analytics for Optimizely

  • Fixed an issue where the tracking ID was erased after a deployment.

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Last updated: Apr 26, 2022