Episerver CMS

This page is no longer maintained. To see a list with all new user interface features, go to the release notes feed and use the filters to filter out UI features for a specific product and for a specific time period.

Are you on an earlier version Episerver CMS and don't know if you should upgrade or not? Have a look at the below content and see all the nice features you're missing if you don't.

(Hover over a feature to see in which version it was released.)

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202518 CMS 11
202519 Edit view
202520 Admin view
202521 Add-ons
202522 CMS 10
202523 Edit view
202524 Admin view
202525 Add-ons
202526 CMS 9
202527 Editing
202528 Administration
202529 Add-ons
202530 CMS 8
202531 Editing
202532 Administration
202533 Add-ons
202534 CMS 7.5
202535 Editing
202536 Administration
202537 Add-ons