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Ten Steps to Increase Your Online Sales Using EPiServer Composer (previously X3) and Google Website Optimizer

The combination of EPiServer Composer (previously X3) and Google Website Optimizer (GWO) will make instant online sales optimization possible. Start collecting data and restructure your website from day one without needing technical skills. This opens up new opportunities for sites where ROI counts for more than CPM.

What EPiServer Composer does

EPiServer Composer allows web editors to change the layout, structure and functions of your online sales funnel. This can be done within minutes, without any developing skills or prior experience.

What Google Web Site Optimizer does

GWO adds the possibility to present several variations of a page or flow at your website, displaying a random alternative to each visitor. From GWO’s report you are then able to monitor and identify what combination of site content and design provides the highest conversion rate.

Step by Step

  1. When creating your website and f.ex. it´s booking steps, checkout or payment views, create them as separate EPiServer Composer functions. This will give you the possibility to make instant changes to optimize your online sales.
  2. Analyze your current website. Check your competitors, search the web for new information and find out what you could do differently.
  3. Use EPiServer Composer to set up three to five alternative flows or views. Change the structure, layout or location of your content in the different alternatives to reflect your analysis in step two.
  4. Register and login to your Google account. Select “A/B Experiment” if you want to start out with a basic option or to go straight to the more advanced “Multivariate Experiment”.
  5. Create and publish different versions of your test page at unique URLs.  Website Optimizer will then randomly display them to your users.
  6. Identify your conversion page, the page on your website that users reach after they've completed a successful conversion. For example, this might be the page displayed after a user completes a purchase, signs up for a newsletter, or fills out a contact form.
    X3 and Google Optimizer
  7. Test the changes with your visitors. Website Optimizer will show the different content and design alternatives to your site visitors, all the while monitoring which combinations lead to the highest conversion rates.

  8. Learn what changes drive the most conversions. Google´s reports allow even the mathematically-challenged to quickly and easily identify and implement the best combination.
  9. Erase the least effective variant, and use the most effective one as a template for your next version, changing the part you have found to be the least effective part.
  10. Keep optimizing! This is just the beginning; your work in this field is never done, since the Internet, it´s users and their behavior is constantly changing. EPiServer Composer and Google Website Optimizer makes it faster and easier than ever. Good luck!

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