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Are you a developer trying to learn new skills or explore new platforms? Are you trying to build your own team to manage your instances of the Optimizely product? Or maybe you are assessing if a certain team has the required skillset to help implement an Optimizely project for you? Fear not, here is a quick overview of the different types of skillset you'll need for each of our products, from what you need for the intial setup/installation of the tool, to what you need to maintain, upgrade, customize, and to what you need on a day to day basis.

Since all our products primarily use or work with web platforms, general HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technical skills are recommended for them all. Those products that specifically need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technical skills are highlighted below.


Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Our DXP unifies the right application of content management, digital commerce, and customer intelligence to deliver customer centric experiences on every channel. Depending on the combination that you have, the skillset will vary. Please see the specific skillset requirement for the product of your solution.


Content Management System (CMS)

Optimizely Content Management System is a content management system and digital marketing suite. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver individualized content experiences across all of your channels.


Configured Commerce

Optimizely Configured Commerce provides the flexibility required to manage the complex business rules and integration needs of enterprise business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer organizations.


Cutomized Commerce

Optimizely Customized Commerce is a complete digital commerce suite. It uses artificial intelligence, to deliver personalized experiences, individualized search rankings and product recommendations.


Web Experimentation

Web Experimentation is a testing and optimization application. Test and optimize customer experiences such as format and messaging, which provides customer data driven preferences.


Feature Experimentation

Feature Experimentation is the experimentation and optimization platform for development applications. This maximizes the performance and outcomes of an app, (rather than web experiences, like our Web Experimentation Product).


Data Platform

Data-driven marketing teams use Optimizely Data Platform to align their entire brand around the customer experience. Harmonize customer data across the Digital Experience Platform and the broader ecosystem. Gather a unified understanding of the customer context. Use powerful integrations to activate customer data with the right message at the right time during the customer journey.


Connect Platform

The Optimizely Connect Platform makes it easy for marketers to compose digital experiences with pre-built connectors to their most important marketing tools and sources of customer data. The platform also makes it easy for developers to build new connectors that simplify the jobs of data ingest and channel activation, allowing them to easily extend connectivity to any marketing suite.



Provide best-next personalization at scale. Optimizely's Recommendations suite provides brands with a composable, always-on, predictive analytics engine to drive more revenue and deepen relationships. Custom-tailored to accelerate your business, the proper selection from Optimizely's 95+ personalization algorithms turn people's actions into actionable insights you can use to unlock continuous innovation at every step of the customer journey.

  Content Recommendations and Intelligence
  Email Content Recommendation
  Product Recommendation
  Email Product Recommendation

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Last updated: Feb 28, 2022