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In appreciation of our most active mentors within the technical community, Optimizely awards benefits at each OMVP membership level. Benefits include things such as yearly subscriptions, swag, license opportunities, sneak peeks, and first access. Along with these benefits, OMVPs can use their distinguished title as they see fit.

Ranking, benefits, and status are kept for the term allotted in each tier. OMVPs can move up to the next tier by staying connected and increasing community engagement. Check out the full list of benefits below.


VIP treatment at all Optimizely events.

Exclusive OMVP meetups and events

Annual OMVP Summit

Optimizely product licenses for personal use.

What benefits do you get?



  • MVP Badge and recognition
  • Optimizely license for testing
  • 30 votes in (instead of 10)
  • SWAG+. Special SWAG and ranking trophy
  • Exclusive information regarding upcoming product launches
  • Early access to alpha/beta products, to test and provide feedback
  • Developer Subscription for free for length of status
  • Special Optimizely MVP- exclusive meet ups and events


  • All Silver Benefits
  • Annual Optimizely MVP Summit/Retreat
  • Discounted tickets at Optimizely events
  • Participation into media inquiries
  • Potential to participate in Optimizely podcasts/media


  • All Gold Benefits
  • VIP Treatment at all Optimizely Events
  • Free tickets to Optimizely events
  • Special award ceremony
  • Special highlight/feature on all events/digital space

More details about the benefits

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Know someone who should be recognized as an OMVP? We are always accepting nominations for future MVPs. If you have someone in mind, fill out a nomination form.

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