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Optimizely MVPs are individuals who bring their experience in technology and business forward in the spirit of an open exchange of knowledge and creativity. They willingly use the knowledge gained through their successes and failures to accelerate the success of others.

If you feel you should be a part of this exclusive group, here are some details on what it takes to join. You can check out our current members.


To be inclusive of everyone's specialty when using Optimizely products, we've divided the group into two main categories, each including but not limited to a few different roles. When applying to become an OMVP, please choose the category which best suits your role and expertise.


The following areas will be reviewed to determine if the candidate meets the minimum requirements for the nomination and application process. The minimum requirements are based on the number of contributions in the five areas listed below and the validity and quality of these activities:


The ranking system is designed to recognize the contributions of our OMVPs and acknowledge those who are leading the community.


We understand that individuals will have different levels of engagement. We want to help distinguish those who show an exemplary level of contributions to the community. Below, you will see the three different tiers within the OMVP program used to recognize these levels of effort.


Your contribution level in the community is at the level expected to become an OMVP. We look forward to seeing more contributions from you in the future.


Your contribution level in the community is beyond expected. We look forward to seeing how you can grow to become one of the leaders in the OMVP program.


Your contribution level in the community is outstanding. You are an elite and we look forward to seeing how you continue to lead the community.

Application and Nomination

The application and nomination forms are open year-round and will be reviewed twice a year. The first cut-off is January 31st and the second is July 31st. If you miss a deadline, don't worry, your submission will be reviewed during the following review period.


Are you contributing to the community? Are you sharing content and info about Optimizely? Then you might already be ready to be an OMVP!

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Know someone who should be recognized as an OMVP? We are always accepting nominations for future MVPs. If you have someone in mind, fill out a nomination form.

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