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World Community Recognition Program

The Optimizely World Community Recognition Program (CRP) is meant as a way to recognize all great contributions by our community members. Without our members and your activity here, Optimizely World would not be what it is, so we would like to acknowledge the importance of your efforts.

How does it work?

Optimizely World is a community for technical users working with the Optimizely platform. The site has many options for finding answers and sharing knowledge. There are multiple forums covering all Optimizely products, there are blogs, and there are articles and documentation, where you can post comments and suggestions. By contributing, you have the possibility to earn CRP points that will be associated with your user profile.

How do I earn points?

Activities you perform on World will get you points. For example, writing blog and forum posts, answering questions, writing comments, and submitting articles. There is also a possibility to earn extra points at special occasions, such as competitions.

The list below describes the acitivities that you can earn points directly from World.

Location Activity Description Points
Forum Reply You post a reply in a thread. 2
Forum Marked as answered Your forum post is marked as answered. 8
Blog New post You post a blog post. 5
Blog Comment New post You comment on a blog post. 1
Rate Rated article/blog post You get a rating for your article/blog post. (*)
Vote Voted forum thread/post You get an upvote for your forum thread/post. 1
ECD Certification You become an Optimizely Certified Developer. 500

(*) The points received depend on the rating: 3 stars = 1 point; 4 stars = 2 points; 5 stars = 3 points.

Starting points

All newly registered members will start with 0 points and as they start to earn more points through their contributions, their level will increase through the different tiers.


According to how many points you get, you will reach different levels in the Optimizely World citizenship. Reaching higher level demands more activity than the lower levels. These are the levels and the points needed:  

Points Level
0 - 375 Citizen
376 - 750 Participating Citizen
751 - 1,500 Contributing Citizen
1,501 - 3,000 Esteemed Citizen
3,000 - 30,000 Oracle
Over 30,000 Fanatic

Where can I see my points?

The CRP information and score distribution is displayed on your Optimizely World profile page. 

Hall of Fame

The contributors with the highest points are also listed in the Optimizely World Top contributors. This section is divided into 2 categories:

  • Top contributors over 30 days: Calculated contribution last 30 days. This does not include Contribution from certificates.
  • Top contributors of all time: Calculated all contribution of users from the beginning up to now. This also include Contribution from certificates.

This is updated daily and displays the top most active contributors with name and contribution numbers.



If you have any questions, send an email to the Optimizely World team at