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Welcome to the Optimizely Forum! This is an open space driven by the community to share knowledge, inquiries and ideas, and interact with other developers. When you get an answer to your question, click on the Mark reply as Answersymbol, to show your appreciation, and mark the post as answered. If you don't see a forum section that fits your question, feel free to start a new one by clicking on the "New forum" link on the right.

The forums are not actively managed or monitored by Optimizely employees. For direct response from Optimizely, please use one of the channels listed on the Support page.

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General Forum Topics Description
Technical Video Portal 0

Discussions about content in the Technical Video Portal. Can be questions regarding an existing video, suggestions about new topics to cover, and more.

Local Dev Meetups 8 Discussions about local developer meetups, topics, and continuing conversations from the events.
Opticon 3 Discussions about Opticon.
End User Forum Topics Description
Using Optimizely Platforms 497

Discussions about all end-user-related topics regarding the Optimizely platform.

Developers (Main Products) Forum Topics Description
Developer to developer 4663

Development solutions and technical issues related to Optimizely CMS.

Problems and bugs 1484

Discuss error messages and Optimizely CMS behaviors and features.

Content Management System 12 556

Forum specifically for Content Management System 12.

CMS 7.5 - 11 6077

Forum for CMS versions 7.5 and later. Ensure to include which CMS version you're using in your posting, to make it easier for your fellow developers to give the right answer.

Customized Commerce 14 62

Forum specifically for Customized Commerce 14 (formerly known as B2C).

Customized Commerce 13 and earlier versions 2546

Forum for discussing topics related to Customized Commerce (formerly known as B2C). Ensure to include which Customized Commerce version you're using in your posting, to make it easier for your fellow developers to give the right answer.

Web Experimentation 0

Discussions about using Web Experimentation.

Feature Experimentation 1

Discussions about Feature Experimentation.

Campaign 1

Forum for discussions related to Campaign. Topics about APIs and integrations of CRM, e-commerce, and web analytics systems.

Connect Platform 0

Forum for discussions related to Connect Platform.

Developers (Apps and Integrations) Forum Topics Description
Search & Navigation 1388

Forum for discussions related to Search & Navigation.

Forms 519

Forum for discussions related to Forms.

Personalization 44

Discussions related to the Personalization suite - Content Recommendations, Product Recommendations, Email Recommendations, Personalized Search & Navigation, Visitor Intelligence, and Tracking and Profile Store.

Content Delivery API 115

Forum for Content Delivery API. Ensure to include which Content Delivery API and Content Management System version you're using in your posting, to make it easier for your fellow developers to give the right answer.

Community API 18

Discuss development solutions, technical questions, and issues related to Community API - the API for building community functionality.

Add-ons 274

Forum for discussions related to current Optimizely add-ons.

Configured Commerce Forum Topics Description
Open Forum 40 Ask questions directly to other Insite customers!
Product Discussions 1 Product Discussions
Affiliated Distributors (AD) 1 Affiliated Distributors (AD)
Product Q&A 7 Got a question about Insite's Products? Be sure to check the FAQs in the Help Center first. If you don't see your question there, ask it here!
Community Feedback 5 This Community is new and we need your help to make it awesome. Do you have ideas on how we can make this even more valuable for everyone involved? We want to hear from you! Submit your thoughts here; we’ll listen as well as hear what others have to say.
Epicor ERP 0
Legacy forums Topics Description
Ektron CMS 21 Discussions about the core Ektron CMS product.
Ektron development 24 Discussions about development topics including how to's and problems with the API.
Installation and security 320

Forum for Optimizely CMS installation- and security-related issues.

Integration and E-commerce 6 Discuss integration with external systems such as E-commerce platforms.
Feature requests 686

Request new features in Optimizely products; everything from user interface to API changes.

Note: This forum is closed for submissions, please visit Optimizely Customer Feedback instead to provide your feedback. Suggested feature improvements in the forum here will be moved to Optimizely Customer Feedback for evaluation.
Legacy add-ons 6

Forum for discussions related to legacy add-ons such as Episerver Relate+, Episerver Composer, Episerver Community, Episerver Mail etc.

Episerver CMS 7 and earlier versions 18

Forum for versions of Episerver CMS 7 and earlier. Ensure to include which CMS version you're using in your posting, to make it easier for your fellow developers to give the right answer.

Episerver 7 CMS 1655

Forum for EPiServer 7 CMS.

Episerver CMS 6 R2 1048

Discussions about EPiServer CMS 6 R2.

Episerver CMS 6 733

Discussions about EPiServer CMS 6.

Episerver CMS 5 R2 545

Discussions about EPiServer CMS 5 R2.

Episerver CMS 5 710

Discussions about EPiServer CMS 5.

Episerver Community 315

Discuss topics about Episerver Community, functionality and technical matters.

Episerver Composer 113

Discussions about Episerver Composer (formerly Extension X3), functionality and technical matters.

Episerver Mail 116

Discussions about Episerver Mail, functionality and technical matters.

Episerver Relate+ 225

Discussions about the Episerver Relate+ product package with Episerver Community and Episerver Mail in integration with Episerver CMS. Functionality and technical aspects.