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EPiServer 7 – Patch 3

Today we are delivering patch 3 that addresses a number of issues found in EPiServer 7. This patch is cumulative meaning that it includes the changes present in Patch 1 and Patch 2. Visit the installations instructions for details how to apply the patch.

Fixes that have been added

89424 Custom Subscription handler not used for pages not under start page \CMS\Core\Subscription
90561 Convert pages always convert subpages regardless of the "convert subpages" setting. \CMS\UI\Admin Mode
91052 Shared block cannot be rendered when it is deployed as module/add-on on MVC site \CMS\Core\MVC
92578 Find - Sort is not working \Find\Service
92596 Missing </style> tag caused an inifinit loop in the SGML parser \CMS\Core\Html Parser
94366 Problems using personalized content with Yotta (CDN) \CMS\Visitor Group\Core
94384 Indexing a Dictionary<string, V> will casue the keyvalues to change when deserialized in the result. \Find\API
94615 Regression bug: Error 404 when fetch data from an episerver page \CMS
95622 Error message is not good enough in UI view. \Find\CMS Integration
95655 EPiMail link validation interferes with "opened" statistics(?) \Mail
95923 ContentArea shows wrong flyout in different language \CMS\SparrowHawk
96064 [Workflow] My Tasks list shows text 'undefined' when delete permanently a page having workflow instance \CMS\SparrowHawk\Edit Content
96522 On page edit does not work when rendering partially routed content using MVC \CMS\Core\MVC
96690 SearchPublishDate and SearchUpdateDate not indexed for UnifiedFile \Find\CMS Integration
97162 MVC project under modules folder not working \CMS\Core\MVC
97346 Some URL segements for pages such as "About" does not work because of name collisions with Controllers \CMS\Core\Routing
97433 Url segment for language branch in admin not taken into account when using Url.PageUrl \CMS\Core\MVC
97863 Locking on file EPiFX7-AssemblyScan_log4net.xml \CMS\Typed Data
98082 Id-convention is not called when deleting page/content \Find
98172 EPiServer 7 patch 2 requires Session State \CMS\Core\MVC
98368 Changes to files delivered using the VirtualPathNonUnifiedProvider may not be picked up properly by the \Framework
98769 "Simple address" with several segments no longer works in CMS7 \CMS\Core\Routing
98790 ClearCacheOnLoadBalanceEventMissed should be disabled by default \CMS
98875 Debug logging of Indexing job missing \Find
99122 RenderContentArea should always render tag for element \CMS\Core\MVC

Installing the patch

The patch is available as a set of packages on Nuget feed on Refer to the installation instructions for information on how to install the patches to your sites.

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Erik Täck
Erik Täck Jun 3, 2013 02:52 PM

Do you have any plan to implement a sane version numbering system? As now there are 3 different version numbering systems, you have episerver v7 and 7.1, patch 1,2 and 3, and the actual assembly version numbers that are seen in the nuget feed, the "patch x" numbers are not visible anywhere in the nuget feed.
Is there a version number translation table somewhere on the site I have missed?

Eric Jun 3, 2013 08:08 PM

Agree it is a mess and not to mention very hard to remeber the updates when you start a new project from VS where these patch is not included. It is not that easy to remember to apply these updates from nuget when you just installed the vs integration from world. Could you please update those packages so that they include the updates?

Jun 4, 2013 08:45 AM

@Martin, the bug you mention is fixed but is not possible to release in a patch as it requires changes in artifacts not included in the patch. Regarding the bug list we are working on a new version that will include EPiServer 7.

@Erik, @Eric - We understand that this can be confusing. An explanation to this is that we have both technical and marketing requirements on release versions that don't always play well together. With that said, we could improve by decorating the NuGet packages to include the patch name as suggested by Erik. In the same manner, packages in the add-ons feed should include the marketing name.

Thanks for your feedback!

Martin Emanuelsson
Martin Emanuelsson Jun 4, 2013 09:31 AM

@Fredrik, Ok, good to know. Do you have any information about when this fix will be available? Or is it possible to get a hotfix becuase this is stopping us from upgrading one of our applications. Jun 5, 2013 02:42 PM

I just applied the patch, and it seems to update Web.config. However, the episerver.framework/virtualPathProviders element in EPiServerFramework.config is not updated. For example, is not updated. Should I be worried about this?

Jun 10, 2013 02:54 PM

@Christoffer, no worries, this is the expected behaviour. After applying the patch the site will still use the RTM versions of scripts and markup which is configured in the VPP section.

Jun 13, 2013 08:02 PM

I'm a bit confused with these patches...I'm fairly new to EPiServer. I'm going to assume that patch 1 <> EPiServer 7.1. So I guess my confusion is can or should these patches be applied to 7.1 installations?

Jun 20, 2013 01:25 PM

I am not new to this kind of confusion between marketing naming and actual technical versioning.
Sun was infamous in this regard with their OS numbering.

But the Sun developer website always contained a simple overview matrix to assist developers with mapping the marketing naming with the underlying technical version numbering.
From this overview page you could also find links to the release notes and hotfixes to make the different versions play nicely with each other.

I would suggest that EPiServer follows Suns approach on this, as it is one of the things they got right.

Vincent Jun 25, 2013 06:01 AM

after upgrade, the shortcut functionality stopped working. I can't open my homepage now, it kept saying 404

Jun 25, 2013 08:42 AM

@code monkey, Can you mail me a more detailed scenario including full stack trace. Mail me at (ft at ep dot se).
@Martin Gray, thanks, a matrix should be possible to put together.
@Ben Rooney, yes, patches should be applied to 7.0 and 7.1 sites.

Neil Perry
Neil Perry Jul 19, 2013 01:49 PM

After updating the CMS on page editing of elements is broken and not all items are showing the "epi-overlay-item" blue box style, the Form editing shows as normal, it looks mainly to be local block content.

Previous version EPIServer 7.1 - Patch 2

Neil Perry
Neil Perry Jul 24, 2013 12:25 PM

Update so far after further testing:

If I attach the edit hints back via the page controller then it seems to be ok, for example:

var editHints = ViewData.GetEditHints, StartPage>();
editHints.AddConnection(m => m.CurrentPage.ThisBlock, p => p. ThisBlock);

The properties names are not changing via the view model so don’t know why it is not automatically mapping as per tech note:

alternative to this if the Html.EditAttributes is added in the view it becomes editable, so either I need to add edit hints via custom controllers/page view model to work or wrap an extra edit attribute but prior to Patch 3 it automatically mapped these using the Html.PropertyFor and allowed the property to be edited.

Daniel Nordmark
Daniel Nordmark Aug 13, 2013 02:03 PM

I agree with EPiDev, this is a new problem after patch 3! And we also have exactly the same problem. The strange thing is that the first contentarea on the page is working but not any contentareas which renders after.

Aug 13, 2013 02:09 PM

Thanks Daniel and EPiDev,

We will try to reproduce this and investigate the cause. I'll update this thread as soon as I have further information.

Edit: This has been reported as a bug (#104316) which is planned to be included in the next patch release.

Erik Nordin Wahlberg
Erik Nordin Wahlberg Sep 4, 2013 09:37 AM

Fredrik, I've applied this patch to a project in dev environment. But now I want to apply the patch on live ennvironment, and have no idea what files have been added/modified. Is there any documentation of that?

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