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EPiServer CMS 6 RC1 is available for download

EPiServer CMS 6 is an all-encompassing site management platform where certain features and functionality will appeal more to specific roles — business owners, editors, marketers and developers focus on very different things. Now each will be able to personalize their preferences in EPiServer OnlineCenter for their specific requirements.

I would like to list a few highlights from EPiServer CMS 6 for each role, empowering them to simplify processes and ease their workload.

» Introducing EPiServer OnlineCenter

» Introduction to Gadgets

» Download EPiServer CMS 6 RC1 

» EPiServer CMS 6 FAQ 

For the Business User

EPiServer CMS 6 presents a modern user interface for today’s business professionals. OnlineCenter’s unified dashboard is a customizable workspace for day-to-day work, and the ability to access new features and modules.

Users can access their work from anywhere via a browser, affording flexibility and control at all times. Improved usability of the system is found through limiting access rights so only the right page types will be published, which means that the platform ensures that the website is maintained and structured according to your brand guidelines and helps build your brand. There are no limitations in the speed with which content can be brought to market and  through Shortcut publishing and On-page editing it becomes very quick and easy to create new pages and manage content online.

Compliance is extremely important and in EPiServer CMS, this is covered with the solution’s extensive traceability and recordkeeping features, and Workflow ensures standardization and consistency. Analytics and site activity allows Business users to follow the online behavior of website visitors, also in real time, and understand what pathways they are using. This ensures that you can rapidly gain an understanding of how your website is delivering to the business goals and make adaptations when needed.

EPiServer OnlineCenter

For the Professional Editor

OnlineCenter is core to an editor’s activity online, combined with Global navigation, work processes are simplified and with personal customization, editors can easily access the features they need regularly. Global search is very intuitive and will penetrate deep inside each page to reveal the query in either the name of a page or within its content. Browser independence through Access anywhere means editors anywhere will have access to manage a website, from whichever browser they prefer to use affording flexibility and control at all times.

For multilingual and multiple site installations, brand consistency is controlled centrally as localization can be limited to content and translation. Editors can compare pages visually to ensure they have included all the relevant content. Disabling the deletion of pages and using Workflow processes allows editors to define and/or limit activities of content contributors. For inexperienced contributors and for those who have to create the same page types regularly, Shortcut publishing and On-page editing functions make it very quick and easy to create new pages and manage content online.

For the Enterprise

Enterprises are highly aware of the necessity of brand control, keeping brand estate consistent throughout a site. With the delegation and devolvement of work and contributions to a large website from many different departments the usefulness of high performance mirroring, controlling the access rights on page types and workflows become all the more beneficial. OnlineCenter and Access anywhere ensures that users will access their work quickly and efficiently, maintaining flexibility and control at the same time.

Specifically the Enterprise edition of EPiServer CMS 6 enjoys more features than the Standard version, these are:

  • Staging using High performance mirroring (testing and reviewing), where for extra security, the content staging (mirroring) environment allows editors to preview, test and review website revisions on a production server before making a page live.
  • WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) for platform independent portlet exchange, dynamic plug-ins for portal pages.
  • Multi Site management in one place/ Site Information support where you can add new sites to your primary website and make them available immediately. Here, licenses can be created, activated and managed.
  • Allowing a Load Balanced environment
  • Custom Page Providers for gathering all info at one point
  • Oracle for Enterprise high performance needs


steven pap
steven pap Aug 4, 2011 04:24 PM

Hello Pelle

Looking for the Beta install - any idea how to get hold of it?
in desperate need of it as we have developed a solution in this version and an upgrade is not possible / i.e too risky

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