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Quick Facts About EPiServer SEO, EPiServer B2B Adapt and EPiServer B2B Prospect

Marketing Arena modules EPiServer SEO, EPiServer B2B Adapt and EPiServer B2B Prospect - here's what you need to know!

Joint Ventures

These modules are available to EPiServer partners for download and customization. All three modules are developed in cooperation with expert partners from the EPiMore program. EPiServer SEO together with Online Services, SEO experts. ( EPiServer B2B Adapt/Prospect together with Enecto, providing the unique mapping of IP address with Company Data. (  

Product and Subscription

All three packages contain:

  1. A plug-in to EPiServer CMS, supporting versions CMS 5 R1 SP3, R2, R2 SP1 and R2 SP2 connected to the plugin:
  2. A subscription collecting data from external sources.
    In the case of EPiServer SEO, the data is search engine definitions from Online Services, and in the case of EPiServer B2B Adapt/Prospect, the data is typically IP matched company information from Enecto.

Download and Activate

Note that to download the modules you need to be a registered partner on EPiServer World. To download any of the modules, go to the Download section of EPiServer World.

Since there are no licenses tied to the modules, the activation is handled by a separate partner/settings tool. By choosing to download the product, you will also be given the possibility to activate the subscription:

This link will take you to a tool where you can configure the account settings for each module. See also the user documentation for each module in the Documentation section of EPiServer World.

Subscription Period

The subscription period is 12 months, and will automatically be renewed if not terminated no later than 30 days before the expiration date.

EPiServer SEO in Less Than 100 Words (86)

50% of online sales start with a search, almost 70% stops at the first page of the search engine and a #1 ranking can give up to 4 times better conversions than a rating 6-7. EPiServer SEO will give you hands-on advice on how to improve your digital visibility, both from a content point of view – for editors, and from a technical point of view – for developers. Start using the module both as a standard feature in development and, as a daily tool for Web editors.

EPiServer B2B Adapt in Less Than 100 Words (86)

Not everyone has the same taste, nor do they like the same restaurants. The same applies to the Web. The ability to present the right information to the right target group at a specific time doubles your chances in getting their attention. That's what EPiServer B2B Adapt is all about. A customer from the UK in the B2B manufacturing industry? Good, show article A, Banner B and exclude B2C references in the listing. Create campaign, set rules, choose or create new content to alter. Go!

EPiServer B2B Prospect in Less Than 100 Words (73)

If you don't know who's in your store, how can you advise on what to buy? Having the list of visiting companies at hand, you can easily analyze their intentions and contact them by calling or e-mailing them. Seeing the list of real, visiting companies on your site for the first time – that’s really a Whooao-experience. 5 pages monitored, live statistics at page level and the latest 5 weeks available in pdf format.


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