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Release plans for EPiServer Commerce

Now that EPiServer 7 has been released, it's time for an update of our release plans for EPiServer Commerce. We are planning an interim release called 'EPiServer Commerce 1 R3' during Q4. This release will support development of EPiServer Commerce solutions on the EPiServer 7 platform and will include a number of improvements listed below.

The release of EPiServer 7 Commerce (codename - Condor) is planned for next year and will include a number of new features summarized at the end.

Improvements in Commerce 1 R3

Compatible with EPiServer 7

  • Compiled in .NET4
  • Module system changes
  • Support for new single file license

Improved installation

  • No dependency on SQL Server client tools
  • Improved rollback support
  • Full end-to-end install – Enoteca, providers, Commerce Manager etc.

Core Improvements

  • New Pricing Provider, with stronger currency types
  • EPiServer Scheduler Commerce jobs
  • Commerce Content provider with limited drag & drop
  • Support for standard EPiServer 7 Membership and Role Providers, including Multiplex and Active Directory

Improvements to Sample Site - Enoteca

  • EPiServer Mail dependency removed
  • Uses new typed pages

EPiServer 7 Commerce

EPiServer 7 Commerce will include further technical improvements alongside these significant new features:

Multi-Market Management

Building on the strong multi-site and multi-channel capabilities built into the core of the EPiServer 7 platform. Multi-market features will allow businesses to easily control different business areas, geographic trading regions, brands or customer specific channels through the EPiServer Commerce platform. Providing the ability to easily target products, pricing, promotions and other settings consistently across sites and channels. Providing tools to measure performance and manage customers and orders by market.

User Experience Improvements

Based on the new EPiServer 7 User Interface - many improvements to the User Experience for both Merchandisers and Markers when working with products, pricing and promotions.


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