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EPiServer and are happy to announce today that GlobalLink® Localization Suite, the industry leader in translation services, has been fully integrated and is now available for EPiServer 7 and 7.1 through the Add-On Store.

With the launch of its GlobalLink EPiServer 7 Add-On, will allow EPiServer customers a more efficient process to create and maintain global content in multiple languages. The integration is available via the EPiServer Add-On Store, which gives businesses access to best-in-breed applications verified by EPiServer.

Key features of the GlobalLink EPiServer Add-On include:

  • Seamless integration with EPiServer UI to manage translation directly as content is created
  • Automatic routing of new or updated content into translation workflows to keep multilingual websites up to date
  • Rapid deployment via intuitive installation wizard
  • Full integration with GlobalLink® Product Suite to streamline all facets of the global content lifecyle

For more information, please select [Add-Ons] in your EPiServer 7 or 7.1 Dashboard, and then click on [Third-Party Add-ons], or contact us at Further, you can find additional information at;

More information about offers a host of services and software applications related to language support and localization. Whether you need a software solution to organize and maintain a 10-language e-commerce website synchronized in real time, a software product simultaneously released in 23 languages, or branded marketing collateral culturally adapted for an emerging market, has the resources to help.


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