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Summer of Code: QuickWatch Gadget v.1.1

Todays entry in my summer-series with code-hacks is an update to my little Quick Watch Gadget. I’ve updated it to make sure it works in CMS 6 R2 (actually, that didn’t take long) – and I’ve also made sure it automatically builds a little NuGet package that is now available on the EPiServer NuGet feed.


Essentially this gadget does what it sounds like – it’s like the “Quick Watch” window when you are debugging in Visual Studio.

In the text-field you can type in any expression and it’ll automatically be returned (writing “return” before is optional). Any code you write before a return statement will be executed in the same application-space as the web site is running in – so it’s possible to use this to try out new functionality that is still without a UI, setup different variables, or browse what values are already set.

Below the code-input field you’ll get a browser that lets you browse the returned object structure.

In the settings you can define which namespaces to use, and setup default watches.



Jul 05, 2011

Tattoo Beasts
( By Tattoo Beasts, 5/12/2018 5:08:45 AM)

Very Nice Tips ath. thx

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