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SEO Manager–new version in addon store with support for huge enterprise sites


SEO manager is an official addon for EPiServer that has always been the easiest way to keep your precious page ranking, especially when moving from an old site to a new site. In this new version we have focused on performance,some more performance and architecture to later also add support for commerce sites

Highlights for the new version:

  1. Supports really large sites. We are happy to say that SEO manager addon for EPiServer now support large enterprise sites (50 000 pages and above and in multiple languages) with no measurable impact on performance for user
  2. Major performance improvements for editors when publishing new content.
  3. Support for content outside normal site tree. This means it will now also keep track of those news archives etc that are sometimes located there and some unconventionally structured sites focused on search based navigation
  4. New architecture. We are now taking the first step to delivering SEO support for EPiServer commerce sites as well.
  5. Better architecture = much less caching = less memory footprint
  6. Distributed caching to better support load balanced sites.
  7. Supports keeping the default url that EPiServer uses. This can be a good idea if you have an old site with some uppercase urls and similar. Transforming these to lowercase will be a bad idea for SEO even when having 301s to handle the redirects between them.

Let your editors be free to rename urls, move and restructure their sites without worrying about the SEO impact. Install SEO manager and let them worry about producing nice content instead...

Read more on what SEO Manager can do for your site.
Jun 05, 2014

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