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EPiServer Commerce Source Packages

If you are developing a site based on EPiServer Commerce then you should know about these code sample packages that can be downloaded from world.


Commerce Code Samples

This package contains the source code for the areas of EPiServer Commerce that can be customised. The solution package contains the following projects:

  • ActivityLibrary – Windows Workflow Activities that are used in the order workflows.
  • OrderWorkflow – Windows Workflow Sequential Workflows that are used in the website checkout process and the order admin section.
  • PaymentGateways – Payment provider source code for the default providers.
  • ShippingGateways – Shipping provider source code for the default providers.
  • WebUtility – Helper classes that can be customised. These include common operations performed against the Commerce sub-systems.

This package can be downloaded here


Catalogue Indexer

This is used when catalog data has been added to the database directly rather through the API or the Commerce Manager. This tool indexes the catalog data into a serialised meta-information column to increase the performance when extracting data for display on the web.

This package can be downloaded here


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Jan 12, 2011
( By, 2/15/2011 12:12:13 PM)

Hi David,
I have been diligently following all the EPiServer official installation instructions again and again. I have experienced issues that have also been covered in a few articles I've managed to Google. However, I can find no information about this scenario: integrating with a non-blank site...which already has integration with Realex....The sample site works a treat and sells the product, the dodgy installation (improved with SP1) does not and there is a noticeable dearth of real life example(s)...

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