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EPiServer Acquires Business of e-Commerce Solution Provider, Mediachase

You may have already seen the news about our recent acquisition. This is great news for both EPiServer and Mediachase. It will allow us to advance the EPiServer Commerce product at a faster pace and quickly meet market demands.


EPiServer Commerce will become more aligned with the developer and user experiences of the CMS product. The user interface will become consistent with the CMS product, improving the usability. The developer API for Commerce will adopt approaches consistent with the CMS product, making development more straightforward.


As well as improving the product experience, more features will be added to meet the demands of a changing market. EPiServer Commerce will be an even more compelling offer for businesses around the world selling through digital channels.


Read what Bob (our VP of Product Management and Global Marketing) has to say about the acquisition here:


Read more about the acquisition here:

Mar 05, 2012

Frederik Vig
( By Frederik Vig, 3/5/2012 3:27:24 PM)

Could you elaborate a little on what API changes you're planning and how this will affect existing EPiServer Commerce solutions? Will we need to do a migration from existing solutions to the new once it comes out, like with EPiServer 4 to CMS 5?

( 3/7/2012 5:06:37 PM)

I can't elaborate on any API changes at the moment. I can say that we will minimise any breaking changes between releases and new versions will incorporate upgrade processes. So the process should be more like CMS 5 to 6.

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