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Problem when installing Visual Studio Integration..

If you are having trouble installing the Visual Studio Tools for EPiServer CMS this could be the solution for you. I ran into the same problem myself today so I thought I should give you an hint how you could solve the problem. I do not know why this is happening but it seams like the installer is not installing the tools correctly but if you look into Programs and Features you will se that you have the tools installed on your computer. We tried to uninstall the tools and reinstall them again but we could not uninstall the program so I asked my colleague Fredrik Tjärnberg for help and we came up with the solution of using the Msizap.exe instead..

So use cmd.exe and run the Msizap.exe and use the command like below. You will need the EPiServerVSIntegration msi-file somewhere on your computer.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin>msizap T "\Users\CMSUser\Desktop\EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.133\EPiServerVsIntegration.msi" 

The problem often occur when you are using the free Visual Studio Express.


Mar 23, 2009

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