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Helen Hopkinson
Feb 24, 2014
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Commerce certification – Sign up for the pilot test

A huge milestone is currently in the making with the launch of the first certification exam for EPiServer Commerce on the near horizon. To ensure the high quality of the exam, we need your help through participation in the pilot test.

The aim of the pilot test is to gather as much feedback from a mixed audience as possible in order to adjust the exam before its release to the general public. You will be given a maximum of three hours to complete the test, giving you adequate time to provide feedback. After the test, the results will be analyzed and you will receive your results via e-mail approximately 10 days later.

As a pilot tester you will not only be one of the first to see and test questions for the Commerce certification, but you will also receive your results before the scheduled exam dates, giving you a head start in the EPiServer 7 Commerce certification race.

We’re looking for 12 EPiServer developers from our extensive community to participate in the pilot test…but there are some rules for the participation.

  • Participation is limited to one developer per EPiServer partner. If the partner has organizations in 3 countries, it still counts as one partner.
  • EMVPs and technical trainers from the EPiServer trainer network have received a separate invitation and are excluded from the above rule.
  • Registration closes February 28, 10.00 CET. All registrations will be processed and participation will be confirmed at latest March 3.
  • Participation can only occur at the locations and dates outlined below.
  • Registration can only be done via the registration form on

Further practical information regarding preparation can be found on the registration page on


On which version is the exam based?
EPiServer 7.5 Commerce

What will happen to my EPiServer World profile if I pass?
Profile cards and avatars on EPiServer World will be updated to reflect both CMS and Commerce certification status.

Is CMS certification a prerequisite?
You do not have to be certified in EPiServer CMS in order to take the exam.

When will the exam be available to the general public?
The external launch date of the exam is March 31, 2014

Feb 24, 2014


Helen Hopkinson
Helen Hopkinson Feb 24, 2014 11:38 PM

Due to a minor technical hitch, otherwise known as don't-copy-a-form-if-you-forget-to-select-the "Can be posted more than once"-box, the registration form was not posting data as it should have been for some hours earlier this evening. Please post your registration again, if you don't remember reaching the Thank you notification page after posting.

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