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Feb 5, 2009
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Time for EPiServer Day 2009!

When we began the planning process for EPiServer Day 2009, we quickly made the decision that we needed to continue with a tradition that began with the last EPiServer Day in 2007. We want to provide our editors, developers, customers and partners as well as “new additions to the EPiServer family” with the leading Web event in Scandinavia. To provide inspiration, new experiences, additional knowledge and plenty of networking opportunities in the same place and on the same day.

The Engaged Web is the focus for the event. Why? Well, on-line communication has dramatically changed. We are now looking at life beyond Web 2.0. A world wherepassive Web sites have become engaging Web applications and visitors have become users. This new world has three important implications for on-line communication:

1) You’ve got an exciting new universe of opportunities for engaging the new Web user

2) Your users expect richer, more rewarding experiences; anything less is dull

3) If you don't meet these expectations, they'll find someone who does

In addition, social media has entered the scene and content is no longer king. You’ve heard it before, but if you are like me, then you are wondering how can I seize the opportunity and make the Web sites and communications initiatives I work with even more successful? What are the next steps and where do I begin? Our ambition is to provide you with these answers at EPiServer Day 2009 and to inspire you to take the next step. Together with close to 40 of our partners, we will show you how your Web site can deliver the business and communications goals that are important to your organization, for both public and private sectors .

Take the opportunity to meet with many of your EPiServer peers and participate in more than 30 sessions. The parallel sessions cover everything from next generation Intranets, Web strategy, and accessibility to online social communities, mobility and inspiration from other customers. And of course, we will deliver the latest on EPiServer and our products. The sessions will be in both English and Swedish and you can easily find the ones that are of most interest to you.

In the general sessions, we have key note speakers from Forrester, one of the leading industry analysts as well as trend watches and panel debates. When looking at the agenda, I am proud to be able to say it is one of the largest Web conferences in the Nordic countries! The day is jam-packed and we will also have some fun in the evening at the EPiServer Awards dinner!

On March 11, the second day of the event, we take a more in-depth look at selected areas. These seminars are intended for those with a special interest and who want more detailed information on a certain topic. In the morning, we have sessions on, for example, developing with scrum, search, how to develop a community, and Search Engine Optimization. Find the in-depth session which is most relevant for you!. After lunch, we have in-depth EPiServer sessions on for example EPiServer Create+, our open source module Wikix and developing in X3.

I hope I have convinced you to attend! If you have any questions about the event, I will be glad to answer them.

Feb 05, 2009


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