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TDD for your custom page providers

I have created a project for developing page providers with test driven development, and my idée is that it should be great if we have an open source project where many EPiServer developers can contribute so the developing of custom page providers gets easier.

So please sign-up to be a contributor of this project, by sending me a CodePlex message.

My first version of the project includes 43 integration tests and is testing the version handling of PageData objects based on the earlier blog I wrote Version state graph of a PageData object. Those tests uses an own MemoryPageProvider (original written by Johan Björnfot) and doesn’t requires any EPiServer database. This page provider are only changed so it fulfills the requirements in the test cases, but I hope in the end it should be a really good example for writing a custom page provider that has similar functionality as EPiServers local page provider.


- EPiserver CMS 6

- MS Test (or NUnit)

Download source:

PageProviderTests for EPiServer CMS on CodePlex

Aug 26, 2010

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