Jun 9, 2010
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Dynamic Data Store : The saga of the missing methods

If I received 1 Swedish Crown for every time someone asked or complained about why the DDS does not implement FirstOrDefault() in its Linq stack (along with First(), Last() and LastOrDefault()) then I would have at least 40 Swedish Crowns and would retire to the Bahamas (or Västerås)

The truth is that these methods return a single item as opposed to an IEnumerable and therefore require a whole new implementation path. In an ideal world this would have been done for CMS 6 but unfortunately wasn’t. Until it is done there is a very easy workaround.

See Jonas Bergqvist’s workaround here which uses Take and Reverse to achieve the same goals.

Jun 09, 2010


Sep 21, 2010 10:33 AM

Thanks for mentioning Västerås!!! In Västerås the weather is always hot and humid and it never rains. The girls are beautiful and the beer is always for free.

... and by the way - interesting posting!
/ Dan Jansson

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