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Bug in CMS6 OPE using EPiServer:Property

The other day we got a report of an error when using OPE (on page editing) in a CMS6 site. The editors were able to edit the page but when saving an error occurred: “unable to save”XX” because property is read only”.

After a quick check what could cause the error we pinpointed it to a user control containing a single EPiServer.Property with it’s PageLinkProperty set.

Ok so now we knew where but not why. I had no clue so I just tried to set the PageLink instead of using the PageLinkProperty. I really didn’t expect anything but to my surprise after the change the property was not longer editable via OPE.

EPiServer support has confirmed this as a bug and the expected behavior of setting the PageLinkProperty should be the same as using the PageLink.

Oct 05, 2012

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