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EPiServer Search indexing scheduled job

From time to time we get reports from customer where they don’t get the search hits they expect.

After making sure there is no human mistake accidently filtering out the page from the search hits  the conclusion is that the index has been corrupt in some way.

It’s easy enough to re-index the site by going to this url http://yoursite/EPiServer/CMS/Admin/IndexContent.aspx.

But even if its easy enough to do a re-index, having to do so from time to time makes the customer uncertain if the search is working correctly.

So I decided to create a scheduled job which performs the re-index.

The IndexContent.aspx saves the date of the latest performed re-index in the DDS always overwriting the same item. I implemented the scheduled job to also save the date but add another item to the DDS. To always be able to see the latest re-index date (independent if run from scheduled job or IndexContent.aspx I created a plugin that lists the 20 last re-index dates.

You can find the code over at GitHub.

May 15, 2014

( By valdis, 6/6/2014 9:00:28 AM)

Handy! I would just stick with scheduled job log capability to store all run cycle dates, results and any other related info :)

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