Quan Mai
Oct 7, 2015
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Important note for installing EPiServer.Commerce.Azure 9 nuget package.

In the next major version of Commerce, we added a new assembly to EPiServer.Commerce.Azure. We got feedback from QA team during testing that the new assembly was not copied to bin folder, causing some issues.

We have investigated the issue and at first everything looked normal. The project had the reference to the assembly, the path was correct and Copy Local was set to true. But when we rebuilt the project, only new assembly was not copied to bin folder.

After some digging, we found that:

- The problem only happens on Visual Studio 2012/2013. We have no issue with VS2015.

- If we close the project, then open it again, then rebuild then the problem is fixed.

Our assumption is that Visual Studio 2012/2013 has some issue with caching list of referenced assemblies. This was fixed on VS2015.

With the issue of Nuget 2.x on Visual Studio 2012/2013 (Issues with NuGet package updates), we now have more reasons to recommend you to use Visual Studio 2015.

Oct 07, 2015


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