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Quan Mai
Mar 9, 2016
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A Commerce book in progress

Yeah, it's a book. And here it is:

You can buy it now at !

Why a book?

I see the questions and confusions almost every day in World forums and I want to do something. I have been a writer since I was at high school, this book is a new level of challenge I want to take. Beside, there is no Episerver Commerce book available yet, which means I can write the best and the worst book in the topic, which is really exciting.

What is this book about?

It's story of a raven finding the meaning of his life and the way to success. No I'm just kidding. It's about Episerver Commerce (of course). It's about how things work internally, and how can you apply those information into your daily work with Episerver Commerce. This is not intended to be a cookbook, but we will have code exercises from time to time.

Status and plan

The point of LeanPub is to publish early, publish often. The book is now almost 90 pages and 30% complete, and the target is 300 pages. The first chapter about catalog content is almost finished, and I have skeleton for other chapters. The plan is to fill in those fast. With current pace, I expect it to be complete some times in August. The book will be published often, and the buyers will be notified once or twice a month about new versions, when a chapter is finished.

Errata and feedbacks

I try my best to make this the best Episerver Commerce book ever, and I can't do it without your feedbacks. Have an idea of what should be included? Have a real world example of how Episerver Commerce should be extended? Spot typos, grammar errors or sample codes which do not compile? Please feel free to send an email to my address - vimvq1987 [at] and I'll do my best covering those. You might win discounts, or honorable mentions in the book ;). And of course my thanks.


Writing a book is a hard task which takes an extraordinary amount of time. I would not complete this book, or even start writing it without the helps from others. I would like to express my thanks to:

- My boss, Magnus Stråle, for the inspiration and encouragement.

- My team at Episerver, for all the helps and supports, and the fun which keeping me excited everyday I come to work.

- Roger Cevung, for reading the very first draft of the book and giving valuable feedback.

- You, for all the questions and ideas on World forums.


This book is my personal project and is done by my own time. I get the support from my boss and my colleagues, but Episerver neither officially requests nor pays me for writing it. The opinions in the book are mine only, it does not represent my employer's views about Episerver Commerce in particular or Episerver products/services in general.

What's the treat

It would be less cool if we talk about a Commerce book without some kind of discounts. Go to and be one of 5 people to get a 50% percent off the book!

Mar 09, 2016


Johan Book
Johan Book Mar 9, 2016 03:01 PM

This is great news, Quan! Looking forward to reading it! Is there any chance to be part of the reviewing work?

Johan Book
Johan Book Mar 9, 2016 03:04 PM

Bought it already =)

Richly Chheuy
Richly Chheuy Mar 9, 2016 05:27 PM

Congrats on the book Quan! Looking forward to reading it :).

Quan Mai
Quan Mai Mar 10, 2016 12:01 AM

@Johan: Thanks for your purchase! I will try my best to not let you disappointed.

@Richly: Thanks. You can start reading today, you know ;) ?

Quan Mai
Quan Mai Mar 14, 2016 11:19 PM

A free sample (chapter 1) is now available to download :). I had to switch to Bitbucket as the default web editor of Leanpub does not allow to include sample.

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