Published on:Feb 16, 2022
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Meet us for Happy Hour EMEA! #BYOB

Picture this: a nice cold beer shared with other developers and technical professionals from all over Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Laughing at the submitted answers for the Kahoot trivia question, including an 8th grade Algebra problem! Sound interesting? Well, that is exactly what you will experience at this month's EMEA Happy Hour! 

Come join us February 25, 2022 4:30pm - 6:00pm CET and learn from our SMEs and speakers as we toast to digital excellence and expansion! 

This month's speakers include the Certification Program Director and one of Optimizely's top educational experts, Dr. Tammy Trierweiler. Dr. Trierweiler has been educating developers and technical professionals for many years and has a passion for providing certification opportunities for developers and professionals to advance their skills and move into the future. Find out how you can earn new certifications through Optimizely's SME program.

Take a moment to RSVP for the event here. Stay connected by visiting our Developer Community page here and our events page here for information about our virtual and in-person events. Connect with us as we unlock digital potential and technical advancement. See you there, and don't forget to BYOB!

Feb 16, 2022

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