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Come Back Stronger - Free CMS Webinars

Come Back Stronger - free CMS webinars

As well as offering all our e-learning courses for free until June 30th 2020, we are also offering free webinars to the Episerver community. The series has two reoccurring themes/content for three target groups, covering all time zones. and includes open Q&A opportunities for:

  • Editors (every second Tuesday which started yesterday April 14th) Smoother Collaboration & Maximise your Episerver solution
  • Content Cloud/CMS developers (Every second Wednesday which starts today April 15th) and
  • Content Cloud/Commerce developers (Every second Thursday, starting April 16th).

They are given every fortnight and started yesterday and will continue until the end of June. Read more and sign up for any of the 36 seminars here:

Please share this with any editors you have contact with. Thank you!

We at Episerver Education hope to see you on-line soon!


Apr 15, 2020

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