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Changes to package locations

[New in 7.6.0]

From EPiServer CMS UI 7.6.0 the UI components have been converted to a standard NuGet package.

As a part of the conversion from EPiServer Add-on store packages to NuGet packages, the location of the installed package contents will change. Starting with version 7.6, the installed files will be placed inside the modules/_protected folder of the target project and included in the project instead of located in the [appData]\Modules folder. The installed assemblies will also be moved from the modulesbin folder to the bin folder of the site.

If the previous version of the EPiServer UI Add-ons is not successfully removed, you will be prompted to remove the files or folders manually.

If the [appData] folder is under version control and your VCS does not pick up file system changes automatically (for example, Microsoft TFS), you are advised to check out the affected folders beforehand, and make sure that the changes are reflected in your VCS after the upgrade.

For details about which folders and DLL files that are removed during installation, see the following files:

Optional step after installing EPiServer.Packaging.UI: to unify the location of installed add-ons, you can use a cmdlet to move installed add-ons from the appData folder to the modules/_protected folder inside the web application.