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Release Notes - Demo Site EPiServer CMS 6

"Alloy Technologies" is a demo site available for download with EPiServer CMS 6. The purpose is to provide examples of what you can do with EPiServer CMS 6, and offer some inspiration when developing your website. The demo site has page templates for the most common functions, as well as a dynamic content Google map provider and an extranet.

In the following we will describe the features of the demo site for EPiServer CMS 6.

EPiServer CMS 6 Demo Site

Features of the Demo Site

The functionality of the demo site is based on previous demo template packages for EPiServer CMS, with some additional functions, new content and new CSS. The "Alloy Technologies" demo site contains for example the following functions:

  • New start page with flash player
  • Alphabetical index
  • Blog
  • Changed recently
  • My settings page
  • Workrooms

Dynamic content

When you work with dynamic content in the editorial area of a standard page, a Google Maps provider is available for selection. This will provide either an interactive Google map, or a static map image, displaying a location of your choice.


The "Resellers" page is a sample page demonstrating the integration with for instance a business system connected using the Page Provider technique. The page fetches data from an Excel sheet containing reseller contact data, for demonstration purposes.

Customer Zone

The "Customer Zone" is displayed in the lower right part of the start page, and consists of a sample extranet which requires user registration and member log in. The registration and log in features are built into the extranet. The "Customer Zone" has the following functions:

  • Forums
  • Workrooms, called "Projects" in the navigation. The workroom templates now also uses the new XHTML editor (TinyMCE) of EPiServer CMS 6.
  • Under the "Customer Zone" you will find examples of functions such as member registration, document listings, blogs and a calendar with events.


This is a new page type with improved functionality for listing pages and related documents with page summaries.

Start page flash player

The start page now has a simple flash player for displaying images and text  in a slide show with up to five images. There is also a fallback image function for browsers without Flash installed.

Site footer

The site footer has a new setup with multiple link options configured on the start page.

Multiplexing membership and role provider

When you install the demo site, you will be prompted to chose the multiplexing membership and role provider. Multiplexing is needed to allow members to register to the "Customer Zone" of the site, if you want to use this feature. If Multiplexing is not chosen, the default Windows membership and role provider will be used (this can be changed later).


The demo site is provided with content in English. However, the start page is available with content in Swedish, if you chose to install the globalized version of the demo site.

Download and Install the Demo Site

The demo site is available for download from EPiServer World: