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On-page Edit Mode

Product version:

EPiServer CMS 6 R2

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On-Page Edit (OPE) mode provides the same possibilities to edit text as Edit mode. Since the new mode uses the full featured editor, some new configuration requirements are introduced. 

New UI Dependencies

In order to use all features of the rich text editor (RTE) in OPE mode, the RTE must be able to access the following UI paths. These paths are accessed when accessing the editor toolbar buttons for the function described.


UI Relative Path

Dynamic content




File browser


Image browser


Link editor




If the user does not have access to Edit mode, but has access to on-page edit, the OPE mode should fall back to displaying a minimal toolbar without buttons that require access to Edit mode.

Functionality Walk-through

Only editors with access to the right-click context menu will be able to right-click and select On-page Edit. Selecting this option will reload the current page and mark the editable portions of the page with a dashed border. Only selected properties are editable directly on the page.

The CMS property type selects the type of editor that will show during OPE mode. The following table lists the OPE-compatible property types, and their respective editor type.

Property type

Editor type

XHTML string (> 255)

TinyMCE editor

String (<= 255)

Regular (single line) text box


Regular (single line) text box)


Regular (single line) text box)

Only one property is editable at a time. Click the property to edit and the area will transform to the editor for the property type at that location. An action bar with two actions (Apply and Cancel) displays beneath the editable content. The associated rich text editor toolbar is displayed in the floating toolbar area at the top of the window.

To confirm the change, click Apply on the action bar and see your changes appear instantly. To save the changes and publish the edited page, click the Save and Publish button. The page will reload and display the newly published version in View mode. 


When upgrading to EPiServer CMS 6 R2 from EPiServer CMS 5, the rich text editor defaults to the "old" editor, i.e. the CMS 5 Editor. This means that property types XHTML String (>255) will not be editable the rich text editor toolbar from View mode and can therefore not be edited on the page.