Implement the reCAPTCHA element in the Samples project

Fixed in

EPiServer.Forms.Samples 2.1


Jan 22, 2016


May 13, 2016


Built-in elements


Closed, Fixed


This is reCAPTCHA element for Episerver Forms

  • It is open-sourced at Episerver Github.
  • To configure this element, you need a site key and a secret key. Access these values when you register your site with reCAPTCHA (
  • If you use reCAPTCHA without configuring it, a site visitor cannot pass the validation.

reCAPTCHA requires JavaScript to work.

  • This element must run in JS mode because it rendered and validated using JavaScript.
  • If you use reCAPTCHA in non-js mode, the validation for that element fails, and the form cannot be submitted.