Moving items in sharepoint do not get moved in cms.

Fixed in



Sep 19, 2016


Oct 12, 2016


Closed, Fixed and tested


When a document (or a list item) is moved from one folder to another in sharepoint, the item is not moved to the corresponding folder in cms.
To duplicate:
In sharepoint:
Create a folder named src
Create a folder named dest
Add a document to src
In cms
Configure sharepoint connector and click save.
Verify the document is in the src folder in cms
In sharepoint
move the document to dest folder
In cms
click refresh on the sharepoint configuration or manually run the sharepoint job
Verify that the document has been moved.
Document is still in the src folder in cms
The document is "moved" to the dest folder.

Related to MAI-293 - this issue has been there for some time, and probably related to some of the issue the customer had.