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Note: This documentation is for the preview version of the upcoming release of CMS 12/Commerce 14/Search & Navigation 14. Features included here might not be complete, and might be changed before becoming available in the public release. This documentation is provided for evaluation purposes only.

Payments are central to an e-commerce system. Optimizely Commerce does not provide default payment methods rather it provides interfaces and abstractions that allow partners to create their own payment solutions. Basic integration of Adyen payment gateway is provided as a sample in Commerce Quicksilver project.

Classes in this topic are available in the following namespaces:

  • Mediachase.Commerce.Orders
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Orders.Dto

How it works

When creating and configuring payment methods in ECF, three components need to be created or re-used and configured: Payment Types, Payment Gateways and Payment Methods.

Payment types

Payment types classes contain the properties of a particular payment type. For example, a credit card payment type contains credit card number, card expiration date, card type, etc. All payment types inherit from the abstract class Payment. The most common payment types are built into Optimizely Commerce: Credit card (Obsoleted for PCI compliance), cash card, gift card, and invoice. In addition, a generic OtherPayment type is included. Payment types are meta-classes as part of MetaDataPlus.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways provide an interface to a system which provides payment processing. A payment type is passed to the payment gateway, and the gateway executes the payment transaction with the payment system, for instance PayPal. One payment type is associated with each payment gateway. See also: Payment Gateways.

Payment methods

Payment methods represents the way a purchase is settled by the customer by processing a payment using a payment gateway.

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Last updated: Jul 02, 2021

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