Version: Episerver CMS CTP                                 Release date: July 3, 2009

The next release of Episerver CMS will include improvements for both editors and developers. This CTP release is a first view of the new functionality.

Information about some of the major functionality can be found below. Further information about the changes will be published during the fall.

» Find out more about the next release of Episerver CMS

Note: This is a CTP release and should not be used on production systems. The next release is currently under development and Episerver reserves the right to alter or delete any functionality mentioned herein. Not all of the functionality mentioned below is included in this CTP.

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Further Information

» Introducing Site Center 

» How to Create a Gadget

» Implementing Gadgets (PDF)

» Site Center Menu (PDF)

» Installing and Configuring Mirroring 2.0

» Monitoring Mirroring 2.0

» Configuring Content Guides



This CTP version has been built as an "Enterprise version" of EPiServer CMS. Some features will therefore only be available in Enterprise and not Professional.