Release Date: March 3 2009

EPiServer Community 3.2 Hotfix 1

Fixes the following issues:

Bug #18115 - Clone issue when trying to remove access rights for users and groups has been fixed.
Bug #18125 - The "Administration" module under EPiServer Community is no longer visible in the access rights menu.
Bug #19977 - The unused NewsFeedControl.ascx can be removed.
Bug #20102 - Property IsHot has been removed from TopicQuery as it has never been mapped to the underlying query system and doing so would require too big changes to be part of a hotfix.
Bug #21097 - The way the birth date of a user was displayed in System Settings and User Management has now been made consistent.
Bug #21261 - It is now possible to disable the ConnectionLink module.
Bug #21429 - Fixed issue that caused an error when trying to send system messages.

  • Fixed culture issue in Newsfeed aggregation affecting some systems with default region set to a non-en-US or non-ISO-8601 date format culture.
  • The issue that Video Gallery was always visible in the menu even if the user did not have read access rights has also been fixed.
  • Added property ThumbnailFormat to Thumbnail
  • Fixed bug in the MessageQuery constructor.
  • Fixed issue where VideoGallery Internal CDN provider tries to contact the CDN even when there is no account information specified in the configuration.
  • Fixed issue when trying to send system messages due to a problem in the link generation to the SystemMessageControl.