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Restricting blocks in content areas



I have read Linus' blog post on the AllowedTypes attribute which helps to restrict the dragging of certain blocks in to content areas. However, this doesn't seem to prevent the user from selecing the 'wrong' block type when picking the 'Create Block' link in the content area. Is there any way to 'filter' the list of available Block types as well as having the behaviour given by the AllowedTypes attribute.



Dec 18, 2013 17:21

Correct me if I'm wrong: You want to eliminate the block to be invisible for some specify users when they are create block from "Create block" panel?

If yes, try to set "Access level" for selected block from Admin/Content Types


Edited, Dec 19, 2013 10:08

not quite Huyen.

lets say i have 3 blocks in my system - Article, Order and Citation. Now i have a page type called Generic Page with a content area called IndexContentArea. I have restricted the allowable Blocks to be just Citation, this works fine with the validation kicking in as expected and it is also not possible to drag and drop either Articles or Orders.

However, when i click the 'Create a new Block' link the page that launches shows me all block types in the system, and i can get as far as creating the block, it is only when i try to publish the page that the validation tells me i cannot do what i am trying. 

What i would like is to have the page that launches with the available block types to be filtered to exactly the types of blocks that are permissable in the givn content area.

Hopefully someone out there has some ideas for this as in reality we have a LOT of block types, and it would be good to provide the user with a filtered list.


Dec 19, 2013 18:44

We can work around by override some files but actually that is a bug.

I will report it!


Ha Bui

Edited, Dec 26, 2013 3:17

Hi Ha Bui

You write "We can work around by override some files". Do you actually have a working solution? If so, can you please share?

Thank you!


Mar 06, 2014 12:29

Hi Thomas,

You can go this link for more information: Linuse's blog post

Known limitations

There are currently a few known bugs and limitations that you might want to be aware of:

  • Restriction does not work for overlays when editing on page. (update: this is now available in the NUGET feed)

// Ha Bui

Edited, Mar 07, 2014 4:26

Thanks, Ha Bui!

Unfortunately, the key bug is not yet resolved:
(You are welcome to "up-vote" it :-) )



Mar 07, 2014 15:01
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