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When editing one XHtmlString property other properties also gets the same content



I have come across a very strange behavoir of our site inte edit-mode.

Sometimes, when editing an XhtmlString property and publishing the page also other properites gets the same data as the property edited.

It happens only sometimes.

As i can see it happens after the page has be published, I have not seen the behavoir in the properties that gets change in edit-mode. The changes appears only when I again edit the page.

Has anybody else seen this problem? It it's not caused by our implementation it is a huge bug.

We have EPiServer 7.5.440.0

Mar 13, 2014 11:39

I believe it's cause by your implementation. I've had the same problem when I had set wrongly the EditAttributes - if I remember correctly, I had two same attributes for logo image and article image, so when I changed the article image, I got it on logo's place (seemed quite scary at the time :))

It turned out that I used @Html.EditAttributes("Image") for logo instead of @Html.EditAttributes("SiteLogotype"). 

Could it be similar for you?


Mar 13, 2014 14:00

There has been a bug in EPiServer 7.5 that sounds very similar to your experiences. 

This bug was reportedly resolved in Update 6 and my experience is that I have not seen it happen again since I applied update 6.

My experience was:

  • edit a Page Instance that had multiple XHtmlString Properties
  • change the value of an individual XHtmlString Property
  • intermittently find that the new published version had taken on the value of the changed property into several of the other XHtmlString properties for the same Page Instance

The bug report explained that under certain (unstated) conditions the Edit View was initialising TinyMCE against the wrong properties.

There was an associated bug that meant that, also intermittently, changes made to a XHtmlString property did not trigger auto-save events.

Mar 14, 2014 10:38

It sounds like you may be affected by this bug
If so, then updating to 7.6.x should fix your problem.

Mar 14, 2014 12:58
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