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Dynamic Properties in 7.5


Hi All,

Is it reasonable to use DynamicProperties in 7.5?
There are some articles which states that it was a bad practice in previous version of EPiSever because of the performance issue.

We are trying to use dynamic properties to override backgroud image in product hierarchy.
So the second question is how to select an image from media assets in dynamic property?
We have not found appropriate dynamic property type which provides and ability for content editor to select existing image from media assets.
The only way we see is to define DynamicProperty of
"URL to image" type and to type full path to an image (http://site/globalassets/image.jpg). But it is not user-friendly and not consistent with other 7.5 interface.


Apr 15, 2014 12:15

Hi Andrey!


For the definition you could use the UIHint attribute to let EPiServer know to serve up the image picker.

 public virtual ContentReference Image { get; set; }
As for using the dynamic properties. I think there still could be some performance issues if it's used extensively. If your setting the override on many
Apr 15, 2014 14:28

Thanks, Petter.

We know about using UIHint.Image for page type properties.

But how to select a media asset on a dynamic property?


Apr 15, 2014 14:49

Right sorry. Haven't used Dynamic properties for ages.


It does seem that the dynamic props been getting the short en of the stick when it comes to UI. Im guessing you could write your own but I have no idea where to try and plug it in. Guess we need a epi guy for that.


As for the performance issue. I guess you could work around it a bit with the way described by Joel here

Apr 16, 2014 8:34



It seems to me that nobody uses dynamic properties in new versions of EPiServer.

Perhaps this feature is "obsolete" and it is better to implement this type of functional in other way
as in the article mentioned by Petter.

Apr 18, 2014 9:15

Hi Andrey!

Dynamic Properties are still supported, although in a somewhat bad shape right now, for instance not supporting the new media system in EPiServer 7.5. We have done some research of the different ways to support the need for dynamic/inherited settings in a world with typed models. This has resulted in a few different alternatives going forward but there has been no decition yet of how and when this will be done although I can tell that it's prioritized.

Edited, Apr 22, 2014 12:20

Thanks, Linus. This is the answer we were waiting for.

Apr 24, 2014 9:59
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