Different (and bad) work flow when adding Block in ContentArea directly or adding to "Block structure" first


When adding a block to the "block tree structure" (does not matter if on site level or page/block level) is the work flow:

1. Select block type

2. Select name for the block

3. Edit the block

This is the "good" work flow since the users edits the properties of the block in my "custom-built block preview controller/view".

However when adding a block to a content area directly by using the "create a new block"-link in the bottom of the content area. Is the work flow as follows:

1. Select block type

2. Edit the properties of the block in "list format" (without the "custom-built block preview controller/view"). BTW: I have noticed a different thing here. On Alloy demo site is no block name entered here, nut in my own project is this entered in this step.

3. Click "Create" to create the block

(4. The user can then select "Edit" for the newly created block and now get to the "custom built block preview controller/view")

The difference is not good... or actually the work flow for adding block in content area is not good. I have a nice "custom-built block preview controller/view", but it is not used in this work flow.

Is this a bug? I have noticed in both my project and on the online Alloy demo site. Otherwise: How can this be avoided?

Aug 08, 2014 15:43
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