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Editor timezone problems - changing dojo locale



We have site hosted in Sweden (GMT +1) but used by editors in London. The issue is that the EPiServer Date / time picker (dijit.form.DateTextBox) shows times using the client's timezone (GMT) but then stores the time in the property using the server's timezone (GTM +1). This is very confusing for the editors as the times rendered on the site (in view mode) are always 1 hour different to what they input (i.e. they reflect GMT +1, the database value). We want the time the editor enters to be output as is without timezone adjustment (they affectively need to input times in GMT +1)

One solution I though about was to configure dojo to have a locale of "se" so the times the dijit control shows match the stored times. I saw there is a class called EPiServer.Shell.UI.DojoConfig where locale can be set although I see no way of making EPiServer use my instance (the code I found using reflection does not use the ServiceLocator, it creates a DojoConfig instance directy).

Any suggesions?


Jan 23, 2015 17:47

Hi Paul

Can you can ask your hosting provider to change the time zone to the UK time zone ;)?


Jan 23, 2015 18:28


That would be short-term fix as eventually we will have editors all over the world. Essentially, the dijit.form.DateTextBox locale needs to match the server's locale, switching to UK will work for editors in UK but the problem will still appear for editors in other timezones.

Dru and Nimesh send their "regards" ;-)

Jan 23, 2015 18:41

Hi Paul,

I have checked this issue with developer who said that is by-designed then it's not supported to show the same date-time regardless of timezone and you have to convert the datetime base on the current timezone of editor.

It seems like you must use the custom date dojo editor solution that can be found in

Jan 26, 2015 8:52
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