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RemoteEventsHandler TypeInitializer error


Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to CMS 7.19 and have since started getting the following error when mirroring content.

Mirroring state: Failure during page package transfer
The following errors occured:
The type initializer for 'EPiServer.MirroringService.Common.RemoteEventsHandler' threw an exception.

The log files don't have anything obvious or useful for this error. 

I assume this 'RemoteEventsHandler' isn't being injected correctly but don't know how to go about remedying this. Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,


Jan 22, 2015 13:38

Hi Steven, 

Make sure that Assemblybindings in site web.config corresponds to what you have for Mirroring_Web.config.

Jan 22, 2015 14:51

Thanks Shahid.

Actually I had copied the entire <assemblyBinding> section from site web.config to mirroring web.config. Though this also includes <probing privatePath="modulesbin" />.

What is strange is that mirroring will run fine for a few days and then the error will show up from out of nowehere and then be present preventing mirroring from running until I've restarted both site and mirroring instance.

I am running EpiServer.mirroring.dll version 7.5.394.2 in both site and mirroring-instance bin folders.

Jan 22, 2015 15:12

You dont' need to copy all the assembly bindings from the site's config. Just update the binding redirects in mirroring web.config which were there before you upgraded the site. Also make sure that there is no mismatch between the assemblies in site' bin folder and mirroring bin folder on both source and Target sites/mirroring services. 

Do the following steps: 

1- Kill mirroring w3wp process (both source and target mirroring) from task manager.

2-Run all four applications in the web browser like :

3- Enable EPiServer log on "DEBUG" level on both source and target mirroring services (copy the episerverlog.config from site root and paste it under MirroringService root folders)

4- On source site , open the mirroring channel in admin mode and press "Check System". You should be able to see details in either source mirroring log file or target mirroring log file. 

There hasn't been any changes made to MirroringService itself since the EPiServer 7.5 release so the assembly version for EPiServer.Mirroring.dll remains  7.5.394.2

Jan 22, 2015 15:29

Thank you! I'll give that a bash, its running ok now so I'll need to wait for the error to appear again.

Jan 22, 2015 15:56
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