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SEO Automation Question


I would like to get some thoughts from the group here on an SEO approach we are thinking about taking.


At a high level, we want to automatically generate our SEO content based on "rules" defined by our SEO team.   The word rules is meant to say the order in which content is concatenated together, to form SEO content.


I'm going to try and simplify a bit.


Let's just think of English for now, and just one of our 10 pages types, just en-us.   Each Page Type would have it's own rule set.


Also note that our data is stored via structured data, in ecommerce.   We are not going to manually create all these pages.   Think of them as ecommerce product detail pages.  It would be like building the SEO for this page:


Within our commerce system, we would have data fields for each vehicle for the following data:


Field Name              Value


Model Year               2016

Brand                       Polaris

Model Name            RMK 155

Family                      RMK


Now, I know I said en-us only, but lets keep in mind we will need translations, so we will have values that need to get translated eventually, but not for this example, but our rules are setup to handle translations:


Field Name                            Value

Vehicle                                    Snowmobile

Meta Description Label        Overview for the

Model Description                 A perfect sled for deep snow

Model Keywords                   2016, rmk 155

Page Type Keywords            overview, features, price

Vehicle Alt                              mountain sled

Family Keywords                   rmk sled, deep snow


Now the rules per page type.  I am giving just one page type to keep this simple.



Rule Type 1

Page Type:  Model Default

Page Title Rule: [Model Year] [Brand] [Model Name] [Vehicle]

Resulting HTML:   2016 Polaris RMK 155 Snowmobile


Rule Type 2

Page Type: Model Default                     

Meta Description Rule : [Page Type - Meta Description Label] [Model Year] [Brand] [Model Name]  [Vehicle (singular)]. [Model Description]

Resulting HTML: 


Rule Type 3

Page Type: Model Default

Keywords Rule:  [Model Year] [Model Name], [Model Keywords], [Page Type Keywords], [Family] [Vehicle Alt (singular)],[Family Keywords]

Resulting HTML:



We know we can hook into the EntryUpdated event to run these rules when items are published..



Are we re-inventing the wheel?  Is there anything out of the box or add-on for epi-server that will do this?



Dec 08, 2015 20:00

There isn't any existing tool for that. I would recommend having an additional property on the contenttype that specifies the settings for the rule (reachable by an interface) and then a class responsible for taking a content item and producing the fitting keyword string. 

Should be pretty easy to set up. I would would use a chain of responsibility design pattern. 

Although modifying the routing is fun, it's also pretty complicated so stick with EPiServer standard urls if possible. For some more SEO functionality see the SEO Manager addon for EPiServer

Jan 26, 2016 16:49
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