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EPI Server on Azure Questions


I was wondering if there are folks running EPIServer that uses "Azure web sites", Azure SQL DB and Azure blob storage?

In the past the only option was to deploy EPIServer on IAAS. Is this still the preferred method?

If you were setting up a new EPIserver environment in Azure would you use PAAS or IAAS and why?

What are ServiceBus queues used for? 

Why do the instances need to communicate with each other?

Has any one taken advantage of Content Distribution Network(CDN) with EPIServer website?

It will be great to have some best practices for deploy EPIServer on Azure as well was AWS.


Sep 11, 2015 22:35

Hello Rajinder

I'd recommend reading this artcile Azure:

Also the following for AWS:

The ServiceBus queues are used to allowed Azure WebApp instances to send events between each other. This is primarily used to send cache invalidation messages to ensure cache's are kept in sync when load balancing.

Personaly I'd used PAAS if setting up a new environment, as management is easier when elastic scaling and it could work out cheaper than IAAS.


Sep 12, 2015 16:50


Thanks for taking the time to repond. I have read the links you referenced above along with anything else I found on the web about EPIServer deployed on public cloud.

I completely agree with you that PAAS will be easier to manage and be probably cheaper.

Documentation clearly states that EPIServer supports PAAS.

We are helping a customer which had deployed EPIServer on Azure. They are currently using IAAS. They had deployed EPIServer on IAAS because the partner that deployed EPIServer was not comfortable with PAAS. At that time EPIServer might not have been supported on Azure PAAS.

We specialize in Public Cloud and DevOps so I will try to create templates that can be used to quickly setup scalable EPIServer environments in Azure and AWS.


Sep 12, 2015 19:06

Depending on your project characteristics and behavior you may be forced to stick with IaaS (for instance if project was not intially design to be hosted in cloud, accessing network share for some import/export comes first in mind). But other than that - we have successfully deployed IaaS and PaaS solutions (even Commerce as PaaS) to the cloud and personally I prefer PaaS and lot of headaches for managing infrastrucuture just goes away.

Sep 14, 2015 6:07
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