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Need help creating a content provider


I am trying to make a content provider. I have a multisite solution and want to use content provider to share a one part of the page structure accross all my sites. It would be great if it was possible to update / delete /translate also on all sites)

I think this should be out of the box on episerver. No coding at all should be needed. I should just enable the ContentProviderCapabilities

Sounds like a easy task but it is not. I have asked a lot a people and nobody seems to know how to do this. 

I have tested the Cloned content provider in alloy that is just cloning and even with this there is issues. Page three not updating on new pages /changes and there is also issues with link to the cloned page. Found that some other Guy had problemes with the same and changes som cache settings and it was better.

And I have read the content provider documentation and also Per Magnes :

They are helpful but i cant get it to work.

Does anybody know how to make a content provider that has most of the ContentProviderCapabilities enabled. No external source. Just straightforward episerver content.

Any code/help is appreciated.

Sep 01, 2015 16:44

I have a bugfixed version that is based on the Alloy version. However, there are some obsolete methods being used which I haven't had time to fix yet. I will put the code on my blog when I get some free time.

Sep 01, 2015 22:15

Hi, sweet. There is almost no information about this stuff. Does your content provider handle a unique guid on each site so url will be correct?
For me it is no problem with absolete methods, if you don't have time to fix it. I have a deadline soon so it would be great if i had something nice to show on this. can you send the code to me on email maybe?

Sep 02, 2015 19:35

Depends on what you mean? Links will not be "rewritten" to the mirrored content if they are e.g. inside an XHTML field, not even in a single website setup. So if page A has a link in a property to page B which is a subpage to A, then that link will not link to page D given that C is a mirror of A and D a mirror of B. But they will link correctly to themselves in a menu, so to speak.

That would be a huge task to handle...

Sep 02, 2015 23:15

Did not mean inside property. Just the content/page. I asked because when i tested the cloned content provider i had issued the link


PageA (rootPageOfContentToClone)




PageB (pageWhereClonedContentShouldAppear)

Page1 (link on this page was Site1\PageA\Page1)

Page2(link on this page was Site1\PageA\Page2)

Maybe i did something wrong when i tested. I will do some more testing on that. But i guess that is no issue :)

Looking forward to test your code :)

Sep 02, 2015 23:36

Hi @Oyvind, did you manage to implement your provider? I have a similar task and have some issues I can't solve (the main problem - TemplateDescriptor/controller does not work, and the secondary problem - pages are not visible in the pages tree) :)

Jan 21, 2019 9:23
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